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10 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Planner

Congratulations on your engagement! 

And now, your journey to the planning and design of your dream wedding is about to begin.

The most common and controversial question a couple has to answer right after the engagement is:  “Do we need to hire a wedding planner?”.

The answer is simple. OF COURSE, YOU DO!!

I am Ioanna, wedding planner and owner of For Good Times Event Planning and Design, with many years of experience in the wedding & event planning industry.  Today I will make sure to answer in detail the above question by giving you the top 10 reasons why you need a wedding planner to plan and design your dream wedding.   

Hiring a wedding planner is a big decision, I know! Over my career as a wedding planner in Greece and abroad, I’ve worked with numerous couples on different wedding planning and design packages, and  I always ended up in the same conclusion; one will definitely notice the difference in quality between a professionally planned wedding as opposed to one planned without.

All of my “happily ever after” couples never regretted their decision to hire a wedding planner, contrary to those who realized too late that they should have hired one! 

There’s a lot of information about weddings out there, and you might even be thinking, “I’m sure I can manage everything on my own.”  That’s understandable, but trust me, planning a wedding requires training, comprehensive knowledge of the industry and tremendous dedication, so that everything turns out perfectly; only a professional with years of experience in this field can ensure the best result.

Relying on a person who knows how to plan, coordinate and manage every aspect and detail of a wedding, but also is in charge of designing and styling it to your needs, advising you at all times, is priceless!

Here are my 10 reasons why you need a Wedding Planner to plan, design and organize your perfect wedding.

Save You Time – for all those career couples out there who barely have time to eat lunch; let alone surf the internet all day looking for wedding essentials and vendors and trying to create their wedding mood board, is impossible to happen.  For the average couple, it takes between 250-300 hours to plan a wedding. To put that into perspective, if you work full time, that’s around 7 weeks at work. 

But even if we suppose that you have that much free time and courage to spend on planning alone your wedding day, are you sure that after almost 2 months of endless google and pinterest searching, you’ll have everything decided and good to go?  Will you be sure that you have found all vendors needed to bring your wedding mood board into life? I think the answer to this question is obvious!! Wedding planners are the perfect solution.  

Think of us as your Wedding PA.

Save You Money – they are your wedding budget gurus. There aren’t many money-saving tips that they don’t know about. Not only can they help with your bookings and purchases, but they can guide your decisions to help you get the most out of your budget. They will secure all the essential elements that will accurately describe your unique love story, and they will also advise you on where you can spend a little less but still achieve your desired effect. 

Think of us as your Wedding Finance Experts.

Save Your Relationship – they are your live savers. Without them, you have a stressed hubby-to-be whose eyes glaze over every time you mention the dreaded ‘W’ word. Brides are, of course, the star of the wedding day, but that doesn’t mean grooms have to feel like a supernumerary in a movie you directed on your own. 

And because of all those little deco details you want to share with them and all the numbers and colours and ribbons, you end up sitting on different sides on the same couch. 

A wedding planner knows very well when the groom needs to be involved with details and which parts of the wedding are also significant to them, so they would like to ask for some things to take place their way. In this way, both of you will be happy and satisfied, wrapped in each other’s arms,  making the same plans and dreams for your wedding day!  

Τhink of us as your Wedding Councilor.

Turn Your Dreams into Reality – With a wave of their wands they can turn the ugliest venues into a palace. Professionals and well-experienced wedding planners will read and thoroughly understand your personalities at first glance. Within the first 5 minutes of your first meeting, they will know which venue would be ideal for you, which type of wedding dress would be perfect for the bride, which suit will fit the groom better, which wedding theme and colours will describe you best etc. 

Even if you have already made some venue and vendor arrangements before meeting with them,  they are ready to adjust in order to express your love story in the best way they can. 

From my experience and couples’ testimonials, the most successful and stress-free scenario for you is booking a full wedding planning package, where the wedding planner can guide your first steps with venues and vendors.  If this is not possible,  then a venue walkthrough will be enough for an experienced wedding planner to create magic and transform an ordinary place into a fairytale scenery. 

Think of us as your Wedding Fairy Godmothers.

Negotiate Huge Discounts for You – they know all the tricks in the book and all the best suppliers in town. Budgeting is the most challenging part for couples to plan and stick to it.  And this is because most of you will have to deal with it for the first time.  It’s understandable not to know the prices of roses in September or in June and not to have a clue about how much a band would cost for your wedding day. 

The problem with the above is that you built a first wedding budget template that you can not stick to when you start talking with vendors.  And suddenly, the wedding mood board you have created after months of research on the internet, can not come to reality leading to tremendous stress and a big disappointment for you. 

Wedding planners, on the contrary, have made hundreds of budget plans.  They know all the best suppliers and vendors in town and adjust to your dream wedding plans by giving you options and tips that will optimize your budget with the same aesthetic result as in the initial idea. Not to mention their tremendous negotiation skills to arrange huge discounts for you.  

Think of us as your Wedding Shoppers.

Save Your Sanity – wave all your worries goodbye. Wedding planners take care of all those little details that drive you insane. After your first or maybe the second meeting with your wedding planner, he or she will immediately start planning and designing your dream wedding. 

An experienced wedding planner will spend days, even months, when it comes to big or destination events, designing and assembling your special day, from A to Z and within the budget already set.  It may sound as I am exaggerating, but trust me, there are so many tiny details to be taken care of in planning and designing the perfect wedding stages.

It’s all about the BIG DREAMS and the little details!  

We are your Wedding Sanity Savers.

Be Your Wedding Experts – from etiquette to table centrepieces; this is what a wedding planner does for a living. They are to Weddings what Lawyers are to Courts. 

As I mentioned above, it’s all about details, details and details!  Wedding planners always think outside the box.  They always seek perfection and aim to bring a new idea to fit your personality and dreams. It’s so frustrating to see weddings looking so much alike, as they came out of a copier.

Creativity, innovation and style are only a few of those characteristics a professional wedding planner holds.  You are not the same couple as the one who got married a week before, so why should your wedding look the same? A wedding planner will help you create a unique aesthetic mood board for your wedding day, which will be remembered for a long time after.  

Think of us as your Wedding Advisors.

Create Your Wedding Schedules – from wedding vendors and suppliers to the bridal party, they create detailed itineraries that cope with every little thing. When designing is completed, planning and organizing follow. 

After a few long days with endless phone calls, emails, reviewing multiple offers, intense negotiations and multiple appointments, your wedding planner will book all necessary vendors and suppliers for your dream wedding scenery!

Everything is planned to the last very little detail. You can relax and enjoy your wedding preparations.  

Think of us as Your Wedding Scheduler.

Be Your Go-Between – They are the middle man smoothing the waters and calm all differences that may occur before and on the wedding day.  It’s challenging to please everyone.  It’s even harder when you have to deal with all those different opinions of your own decisions to make. 

A wedding planner will be your most devoted friend, one who will always defend your right to express your opinion without offending relatives.  They are your shoulder to cry on and those people to express all of your feelings, knowing that they will find the way to wipe your tears away and bring back your smiles.  

Τhink of us as your Wedding Salvation.

Orchestrate your entire wedding – The big day has come!  You are the star, your groom is the leading man, your guests are the extras, and your friends are the supporting cast. Add to these lights, camera and action, and you have a uniquely produced wedding. 

Please think of us as your Wedding Day Director. 


So there you have it — 10 solid reasons why you NEED a wedding planner! You and your fiancé deserve to have a unique, low-stress wedding, and I genuinely believe that hiring an experienced wedding planner is the best way to get that! 

If you’re planning your wedding in Greece or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will be more than happy to help.

We offer a wide range of wedding planning & design services according to your needs and budget planning, starting from consulting and other a la carte services to full planning and design.  

We hope you find this article useful. But whatever your decision, never forget this:

Plans are nothing; planning is everything!