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Our Story

Following our passion

We make events...

We create lifetime memories

For Good Times is a luxury boutique event planning and design agency in Athens, Greece, specializing in providing customized and exceptional international and domestic events.

Our agency’s name, “For Good Times” declares precisely our mission. We design, plan and style all your “for good times” moments by making them unforgettable.

And of course, it all starts with you. Your personality. Your vision. Your dreams of those perfect happy moments. Together we’ll choose the ideal venue for your event and we’ll design your personalized mood board for your invitations, favours, wedding dress, flower arrangement to the very little detail of the big day decorations. We’ll be next to you with fresh, unique and sophisticated ideas that will bring your dreams to reality.

We are passionate about achieving our goal, which is no other than to see your smiles and full of happy eyes. No matter the occasion. We will be more than glad to help you with:

Wedding planning
Destination Wedding planning
Baptism planning / Christening planning
Kids parties
Adults parties
Baby & Bridal Showers
Special Events
Corporate events

We will be your guide to make the right choices according to your vision and together we will surely create lifetime memories!

Ioanna Psalti


My story

Following my passion

Hi I am Ioanna,

Located in the northern suburbs of Athens, Greece, “For Good Times”, my agency is a dream come true project.

I like to think of For Good Times’ story, my story, like an endless journey to style, creativity, innovation and infinite inspiration.  And it was pretty soon clear to me that planning and design would be my thing to do.

Since I was a child, I loved anything that had to do with being creative.  As my mother is a painter and a do it yourself project lover, I remember myself always around colors and paints and flowers and different kinds of materials.  My everyday life was full of inspiration and style.  At the age of 6, I started drawing my first paintings, and then I learned to crochet; after a while, sewing came into my life. Soon enough, my journey to design and planning started by organizing all of my parties and happy family moments only with handmade customized elements.  I have to mention that all of my dolls, and there were many, were married at least 50 times, every time with a new wedding concept and handmade wedding dress!! 

I’m a tea-drinking, list-loving romantic with a considerable craziness for books and flowers. 

I finished school with credits in Business Administration and studied to be a Librarian as the sophisticated spirit of libraries is the most favourite place for me to be.  In between, I never stopped taking courses in numerous art and design seminars and never stopped creating handmade art.

Today, and after almost seven years working as a private planner between Greece, Switzerland and Vienna (Austria), where I was living with my husband Harry and my son Theologos, I am back home making my dream project with For Good Times a true success story.

I believe in the beauty of simplicity and diversity of people’s personality and style.  I’m still the same queen of romance who can not imagine herself elsewhere than between flowers, piles of books and planning mood boards.  

With my power team of professionals in all wedding and event planning sectors, I’m here to turn your dreams into reality. 

To save you time and money and be your go-between friend when you most need it.  To tell your love story in your unique way and create with you your lifetime memories. To be rewarded when seeing the happiness in your eyes and smiles. 

Cause plans are nothing without planning!!  

Ioanna Psalti