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Thinking about saying “I do” abroad? I’ve put together a list with the 10 best wedding destinations in Greece.

If you’ve decided that you’ll have a destination wedding wishing to combine an amazing experience and a bit of a holiday or your honeymoon too, then Greece is the best destination for you to choose.  

Packed full of incredibly romantic locations, from picturesque villages, traditional Greek islands, to vibrant seaside towns, Greece has so many destination wedding locations to choose from.

Whether you are planning for an elopement, a tiny wedding or a grandiose reception, it’s all here!!  With 250 days of sunshine a year and the authentic and truly warm hospitality that you and your guests are going to experience, Greece, is the most perfect destination for your wedding and a unique experience to live filled with lifetime memories!I am Ioanna, wedding planner and owner of For Good Times Event Planning and Design, with many years of experience in the wedding & event planning industry. 



You’re in Santorini, sitting opposite the love of your life, exchanging your vows with the setting sun transforming the Caldera and the volcano and a diamond ring sparkling in the candlelight.  The scenery is perfect. Dazzling white houses, cliff-top majesty, beautiful wedding decorations and happy tears from your guests.  Can you imagine a more romantic and breathtaking wedding day? 

Enchanting, romantic, cosmopolitan. However you describe it, the volcanic isle in the Aegean’s Cyclades island chain is one of a kind. Santorini evokes powerful emotions and intense feelings in everyone who visits. The blue-domed churches, the red-and-black volcanic beaches, the traditional villages such as Pyrgos, the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri, the Caldera view and the walk between Fira and Oia whilst you enjoy the famous sunset… this will be a once in a lifetime experience for you and your guests! 



You are in Mykonos, the captain, the crew and the chef of the yacht you’ve chartered will make sure you enjoy the sail around the island, Rhenia and Delos, in a style fit for a royal couple. In the evening, by the pool in your lovely villa surrounded by hundreds of candles and white orchids shaping the most incredible wedding arch while both of you are barefoot dressed in white silk clothes, you’ll renew your vows and wish that this holiday in the Aegean would last forever!!

According to mythology, Mykonos was formed from the petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules while the island took its name from the grandson of Apollo, “Mykonos”.  With a rich cultural mix, exceptional beaches, award-winning restaurants, legendary parties, expensive yachts, dreamy villas, luxury hotels, 5-star service and plenty of places to party and recharge, the island of the winds is definitely the right place for a luxurious wedding with a holiday feeling – especially if your wedding guests like to party hard!



You’re in Milos, home of the statue of Afrodite, wearing your breathtaking wedding dress standing on a little lovely boat surrounded by the azure-blue sea, spectacular vista of cliffs, chalk-white rocks and ever-changing colours.  You approach the coast where the love of your life is waiting for you while you wave hello to your family and friends who smile at you barely holding their tears when seeing you glowing among the lunar landscape! 

Next scenery a stone-built veranda with magnificent views.  You two are standing in front of a pearly-green flora wedding arch exchanging your oaths for an eternal love!  The moment the sky kisses the sea creating a vale of colourful shadows you are announced to be “Husband & Wife”.  You may kiss the bride..!

Sitting in the heart of the Aegean Sea, overlooking the Cyclades archipelago, Milos has enchanted many with its unpretentious charm!  Celebrating an extraordinary array of beaches, its majestic ambiance, rich history, picturesque fishing villages, eye-catching coastline and the cute little boathouses make Milos a timeless Cycladic gem that will steal your breath with its enchanting beauty. Being home to the Venus of Milo statue and the stunning Sarakiniko beach can only promise you unreal scenery for your wedding and a lifetime experience that you and your guest will cherish forever!



You’re in Folegandros, wearing a stunning lace wedding dress walking all the way to the picturesque church of Panagia accompanied by musicians playing traditional music. Upon the highest hill of the mountain, the chapel looks so tiny but the view is majestic! Your future husband, surrounded by his best friends and family, is waiting patiently for you to arrive while his heart beats faster in the view of your beauty under the radiant sun!  Greenery and white floral decor complete this magical scenery.  So elegant, so sophisticated, so inspiring..!

Named after the son of King Minos, Folegandros is an island in the Cyclades that will sweep you off your feet with its beauty, charm and relaxing rhythm. Two hundred (200) meter up, simple but stylish, Folegandros’ Hora (as the main town is known) scores highly on both the authenticity and cosmopolitan meter with the sparkling blue of the Aegean Sea ahead, the whitewashed houses behind you and the hill-top Venetian castle. 

If sugar-cubed houses with blue-framed windows and doors, dramatic cliff-top views from 200m above sea level and a landscape shaped by a volcanic past can fit in your dream of the best destination for your wedding, then, Folegandros is ready to fulfill it!



You’re in Paros, sitting opposite the man you said “I DO” to love and to cherish till the end of the time. The total white of the church contradicted the coloured details of the flower decoration, creating a chic and romantic ambience. Soon, the sunset comes and the colors of the sea and sky take everyone’s breath away. Countless candles, fairy lights, delicious food, methystic wine, tsipouro & raki shots and traditional music signal the beginning of an unforgettable party under thousands of trembling stars!

On this island in the Cyclades, natural beauty and rich history effortlessly meet modern-day pleasures.  Away from its famed beaches and the towns of Parikia and Naoussa are villages with alleyways so narrow that cars are unable to pass and traditional crafts still being handed down through the generations, as well as beautifully tended shops, homes and churches with geranium filled courtyards. 

In case that a picture-perfect quaintness through one eye and island chic through the other is your dream destination wedding concept, then Paros is the place for your emotions to run deep!



You’re in Symi! Seashells, little candles, beautiful flower arrangements and wedding decorations in blue and white with a hint of salmon colors. You are going down 340 steps of Kali Strata in an “I’m a Greek Goddess” wedding dress accompanied by a folk band! Everyone looks astonished as you arrive walking down the aisle and then… fireworks thrown over the sea complete this extraordinary scenery! 

With its sophisticated ambience and period architecture, Symi promises a different island experience on the edge of the Aegean, filled with aristocratic charm!  Rich with history and culture, with expensive yachts in the harbour nestled alongside bobbing sailboats, this island combines cosmopolitan flavour with old-world glamour. 

So, if your dream wedding aesthetics include simplicity and authenticity to reflect elegance combined with the Greek tradition of the island, then the Serene and welcoming Symi is your perfect destination!



You’re in Spetses! A traditional horse carriage drives you to the beach where everything is ready for the most romantic wedding ever. When arriving, you put your shoes off and under the tones of a violin, you walk barefoot on the sand wearing your ethereal wedding dress and a flower wreath on your head.  You capture your sweetheart whose smile and full of happy eyes remind you why you love him so much! 

Delicate flower arrangements, aerial fabrics waving in the cool breeze and all personalized decorative details along with the majestic view of the sea radiate a royal romantic beauty. Can you think of a more romantic wedding scenery?

Luxury and local tradition coexist on the beautiful island of Spetses, a favourite of captains and fashionistas, so close to Athens in the Saronic Gulf.  Glamourous with aristocratic mansions along the shore between the main port, Dapia, and the old harbour, where you can anchor or tie-up. 

Its picturesque main town stands out for its architecture and elegance combining traditional with modern elements, in a unique way.  If you seek an elegant destination for your wedding near Athens, look no further than Spetses!



You’re in Crete wearing the most amazing boho wedding dress surrounded by a bohemian scenery complete with curtains of string lights, hanging macramé, open bonfires, teepees and large lounge areas on the sand with cushions and rugs for your guests to lie on.  Colorful flowers were strewn along the beach and a dancing stage enveloped in fairy lights awaits for you and your guest to have the most amazing party of all time staring at the impossibly ancient landscape under the starry sky.

The largest island in Greece, Crete is renowned for its pin-up beaches, wild natural beauty, exquisite cuisine and thousands of years of culture and history. Wherever you decide to get married in this island – from the western region of Chania, through Rethymno, Heraklion and on to the eastern shores of Lassithi – you’ll find an irresistible story of breathtaking views, villages, wine routes and welcoming people.  

“The mystery of Crete runs deep. Whoever sets foot on this island senses a mysterious force coursing warmly and beneficently through their veins, sensing their soul beginning to grow.” – Nikos Kazantzakis (of Zorba the Greek fame)

With an incredible landscape and an incomparable history, Crete is everything you could wish for a destination wedding…A complete holiday loveliest, from coast to coast.  And somehow, once you’ve sampled it all, it becomes your story!



You’re in Monemvasia! You cross the bridge, through the stone walls and the castle’s massive gate wearing a dreamy princess wedding dress and a sparkling diamond headpiece.  You feel like you walk back into time as you enter into your fairy tale wedding scenery. In this atmosphere steeped in history and romance, you walk to a balcony overlooking the sea where all decorations are filled to the brim with elegance, history and class!  

Everyone looks astonished by the irresistible beauty of the surroundings and your beauty.  Your prince is waiting at the end of the aisle…it’s time for you two to live your royal romance wedding!     

Monemvasia is a fairy tale scene in the Peloponnese! ‘The Gibraltar of the East’ or a “stone ship” about to set sail, as the famous Greek poet Yannis Ritsos described his birthplace, is a uniquely preserved medieval town that is carved into the majestic grey rock like a sculpture. Everything about it beckons you for a journey through time, wandering through vaulted alleys, Byzantine churches and aristocratic Venetian mansions.

All you dream of is a wedding within a medieval castle with traditional stone houses, then a medieval fortress town waiting for you with cobbled lanes, once the haunt of emperors and princesses, all with a view of the Aegean Sea?  If the answer is “YES”, then Monemvasia is your dream fulfiller!



You’re on the Athenian Riviera! Your wedding dress filled with luxury crystals is sparkling in the lowlights and the flashes from the photographers as you are having your first dance as MR & MRS.  Over the dance floor, a gorgeous installation of white florals with crystal chandeliers completes the magical scenery!

Orchidees, lisianthus, peonies, stephanotis, snapdragons and luxuriant hydrangeas are some of the majestic flowers used in your floral arrangements which paired to the views of the sea softly doused the beach under the keen full moon recreate the most luxury romantic aesthetics just perfect for a summer destination wedding in Greece! 

An enduring symbol of democracy and philosophy, ancient yet modern, classic yet creative, traditional yet constantly changing… Athens is a city of memorable contrasts and a city with a unique way of living in the moment. It is versatile and inventive, alive with the power of possibility day and night. 

Lux romantic wedding under the hill of the Acropolis breathtaking view, seaside wedding in the Lagonisi, historic Greek wedding in Sounio under the view of the Poseidon temple ancient ruins. Athens offers a plentitude of options where you can have the Athens wedding of your dreams with the most perfect scenery for your special affair!

For Good Times Destination Wedding Planner Greece – Photographer Elisavet Apostolou

So, there you have it!  Romantic sunsets, beautiful beaches, the pure blue sea colour and other hidden beauties compose my top 10 of the best wedding destinations in beautiful Greece

Are you already imagining yourself and your sweetheart getting married in one of the above magical sceneries?  If your answer is “YES, I DO” to this question too, then all you need is Greece and a wedding planner

For Good Times can tastefully design, plan and style weddings in Greece in any location you wish! Each wedding package is a joint cooperation between you and us. We are committed to taking care of everything needed to the very little detail, in order to provide the perfect wedding concept that will reflect your personalities and dreams of the most important day of your lives! Destination and venue selection, invitations, guest favors and gifts, special decorations, printables, floral arrangements, lighting, photography and videography, entertainment, hosting and gastronomy are only a few of the services that our company can offer in order to make your dreams come true, whatever romantic destination in Greece you may choose!

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